16th Century Girl brings Tudors to life

Tudor historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb enthralled Brentwood School’s budding history enthusiasts yesterday with a talk on “The Tudors – The Dynasty that made Britain.”

Fittingly, the British historian, television presenter, author, and award-winning academic, gave her presentation to the Sixth Form History Society in the School’s original 16th Century schoolroom, Old Big School, which dates back to the reign of Queen Mary Tudor.

Dr Lipscomb, who is is Head of the Faculty of History and a Senior Lecturer at New College of the Humanities, was welcomed to the School by Upper Sixth Form student Roger Southgate, president of the society.

“Over their 118 years, The Tudors were the most important dynasty and shaped modern Britain,” Dr Lipscomb told her audience of budding historians. “They were not just about amazing stories….they matter.”

Dr Lipscomb gave a whistle-stop recount of the century which changed Britain forever: The creation of the Church of England; the Empire, The Reformation; the Age of Renaissance, Shakespeare; the Navy; the definition of Englishness; parish registers, the Civil Service and even the Secret Service.

“The Tudors planted the seeds which make Britain, Britain,” she explained. Dr Lipscomb, who is known as the 16th Century Girl, ended her talk with some 21st Century advice for students: “Read, read, read!’