Academic Results

In an increasingly competitive and demanding world, it is personal skills and an enterprising instinct as well as academic flair that set successful people apart. Brentwood pupils learn that trying new things and meeting new people are two of life’s great joys.

We find that teachers’ high expectations are met with pupils’ enthusiasm. Even from the earliest years, our pupils are learning the basic skills of social interaction: listening, cooperating, and becoming articulate about their thoughts and feelings. The children are in a community here making mistakes and learning from them is normal and where good ideas are noticed and celebrated.

From Year Three, pupils are taught by specialist subject teachers in specialist rooms. Science, for example, is taught in a well equipped Science Laboratory and subjects such as Music, MFL, French, Art and Design Technology are taught by specialist teachers in dedicated rooms. This approach provides a stimulating and challenging curriculum in which children thrive.

Our School has the kind of facilities one would expect to see at secondary level. What this means is that children who come here very quickly find aptitudes, gifts and talents that may have been missed elsewhere. There is an atmosphere here that encourages everyone to try something new and improve abilities through sustained effort.

We study all the National Curriculum subjects plus Spanish, French, Chinese and Latin. Oral French is introduced early from Year One, when children are most receptive to learning a new language.  Once the children are in Year 5, they are challenged to also learn Spanish and Chinese. In the upper years of the Prep, our pupils are given tasks that require more independent study and research. We also cultivate a sound work ethic in preparation for Senior School. Classroom learning is regularly enhanced with trips and visits around this country and abroad.