After School Study

Independent Learning and Private Study within the Bean Academic Centre

The daily opening hours of the award-winning Bean Academic Centre reflects the School’s commitment to independent learning and critical thinking. It provides an outstanding environment within which pupils may deepen their intellectual understanding and broaden their cultural horizons. The availability of teaching staff and postgraduate academic fellows means that pupils have the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one support whilst engaged in the process of completing homework assignments and/or planning and developing their responses to more extensive tasks. 

Both before and after School, the centre is open for pupils who wish to make full use of its state-of-the-art facilities. Digital resources, academic support and refreshments are all available to pupils working within the centre after School, and an increasing number of pupils elect to work within the centre right up until 6pm.

We do ask that parents of those pupils within the First to Fifth Form who wish to use the facilities on a regular basis contact Mrs Sarah Jones prior to attending.

The Bean Academic Centre (Monday-Thursday, 4pm-6.30pm)

  • All Senior School pupils are welcome to attend
  • Refreshments are available in the BAC Tuckshop until 6pm
  • Optional supper (£4:50) 6.30pm - 7pm, pre booking required, please contact Mrs Sarah Jones a week in advance
  • Academic support available
  • Excellent IT facilities and access to digital resources