Anita’s Devotion to Gymnastics Pays Off

Brentwood School gymnast Anita Chetraru struck gold in her first competitive outing in the Ribbon discipline at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament ‘Devotion Cup’ 2018.

Some 265 gymnasts, representing 22 clubs and from seven different countries, took part in the inaugural event hosted by the Devotion Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy at Newham Leisure Centre last weekend.

First Year, Anita, took the Ribbon Gold medal in the Year 2007 Level B class; her club only opens Ribbon events up to gymnasts aged 11 or over. Ribbon exercises require absolute amplitude of movements and good fast-strength because the ribbon must be in motion from the beginning until the end of an exercise. 

Eleven-year-old Anita started taking gymnastics classes when she was just eight-years-old and trains with the London Sport Academy four times a week for up to five hours a day.