Are you ready to MOVE?

Brentwood School's annual dance show took place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week in the Memorial Hall. It was the culmination of months of dedication and practice by the School's committed and hard-working dancers, and Head of Dance Miss Kimberley Herterich. The whole cast exceeded expectations and each and every performer radiated with energy and enthusiasm during polished dance routines.

It's the 11th year that the dance show has delighted audiences with show-stopping talent and passion. This year the dancers performed a production entitled 'MOVE', inspired by the choreographic works of Derek and Julianne Hough, whose careers have transcended to the world stage after starring in 'Dancing with the Stars', USA.

The audience was dared to love, feel, try, and move through a series of set pieces such as Fever, Swing the Mood, Getting Jiggy with it and Shut Up and Dance, and the technical expertise shone through both Acts. An array of vocalists, accompanied by the talented Matthew Charlesworth on keys, performed with verve and panache. Senior dancers Megan Wise, Honor Wray and Nyle Amin danced wonderfully and Dance captains Jenny Warren and Ellie Fewster showed power and poise in their stunning final performance.

Jenny and Ellie appeared in their last dance show before they leave the School this summer and both reflected on their memories. They both spoke of the closeness of the groups they’ve worked with and the friendships they’ve made. Ellie even said she wishes she was back in the First Year with seven years of dance still ahead of her.

Headmaster Ian Davies commented “We celebrate with our dancers the abiding influence or Miss Herterich, our Dance Supremo, who has once again crafted a series of evenings which will live long in our collective memory. We will celebrate with them every step they take and every move they make will add to our enjoyment of the music.”

You can view more photos from this spectacular show here.