Draw with your eyes not your hands

At Brentwood School we teach our pupils how to look. We pride ourselves at being able to bring out the best in our pupils through a broad range of media. Not all our pupils can draw accurately but all can create good Art.

Through painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and video, we mould our pupils into confident, young artists. Art and Design is a subject for everyone; we are here to inspire and enthuse every student. Art is all-inclusive. Every pupil can achieve and it is our job to bring the creative qualities out of everyone.

The Art Department is there to make pupils appreciate contemporary art and encourage them to enjoy visiting art galleries; to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the world around us...

Art enriches lives - we aim to make the uninspired creative.

As an Art teacher I love watching pupils of all abilities succeed. Pupils get great satisfaction and pride from creating a successful piece of artwork. Everyone can achieve in Art and it is our job to make sure that all our pupils achieve their full potential. I can’t make every pupil into Picasso but I can make every pupil a little more artistic.


Daniel McAuliffe, Head of Art

Tokyo Art Trip

The Art Department took 34 students to Tokyo, Japan, over the Michaelmas half term.
Former Head of Art, Mrs Parsons, looks back on an amazing week: “We had a fantastic time, looking at the city and visiting many Art galleries as well as the Yokohama Art Fair which is only held once every three years.
“The 12-hour flight disappeared into insignificance once we landed in Tokyo, the first day was spent trying to keep the students awake whilst we dragged them up the Mori Tower Observation Deck and then out for dinner. This was followed by a week of visiting contemporary Far Eastern Art museums, exploring the city with its shrines, markets and temples and eating outrageous meals, many of which we still don’t recognise!
“We spent time with the Harajuku teenagers who dress up in outrageous, flamboyant costumes and drew the Yokohama harbour skyline at dusk.
“I’m sure the students will agree with me when I say that this was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip. Now if only I could shake off the jet-lag!”