The Arts

Creativity is not the preserve of the artist. Ask our Mathematics or Sports teachers about their high-achieving pupils and they will tell you that it takes creativity to solve a particularly sticky algebraic problem, or to score a brilliant goal. Successful people use their imaginations to think beyond what they are given and transfer skills between disciplines.

The ability to be innovative and enterprising in any field comes from discovering and harnessing your creative side. The study of Performance and Creative Arts at Brentwood aims to do this for every pupil - whether they consider themselves to be ‘arty’ or not.

Each Arts department is phenomenally well-resourced. The Hardy Amies Design Centre houses the Art and Design and Food Technology departments; disciplines that naturally interact with and inspire each other. The Art Department has its own library and computers to allow for the most contemporary of practices to be followed. Our Music and Drama devotees enjoy fully equipped rehearsal studios, practice rooms and a Music Technology Suite where they can compose using Sibelius composition software.

There is a range of subject specific performance spaces throughout the school including the 400-seater auditorium, the classically inspired proscenium arch Memorial Hall and our brand new informal Performing Arts space within the Bean Academic Centre.

These places are creative hubs in the School and their influence is pervasive. Art, Drama, Food Technology and Music are curriculum subjects until the Third Year, when pupils identify one that particularly inspires them, which they can continue to GCSE Level. Dance is a new curriculum subject in First Year and we hope to build on this in the coming years. This is a very exciting development at Brentwood and one that demonstrates how dedicated we are to the Arts and how much potential we know there is within the student body. 

Even if a pupil does not want to pursue the Arts academically, there is such a vast array of co-curricular Music, Art, Cookery, Drama and Design present at Brentwood that it would be incredible to find a pupil who didn’t have a creative activity or talent among their interests. These activities are available to both the accomplished and the novice alike. We are extremely proud of the Arts provision at Brentwood and there are plans afoot to grow this even further in the coming months and years so, please, watch this space...