Performing Arts

Brentwood School is alive with creative energy and has the facilities to make your ideas into reality. Whether you are a devotee of the easel, the saucepan, the stage or the concert hall you will find scope here for the refinement of your high-level skills or your meaningful experiments.

Whilst working hard at your academic studies, we encourage you to nurture your creativity. Scientists, sportspeople and artists alike benefit from engaging their creative muscles, and at Brentwood we offer a fantastic range of opportunities for you to do this.

Each of our Arts Departments is phenomenally well resourced. The Hardy Amies Design Centre houses the Art, Design Technology, ICT and Food Technology Departments. These disciplines interact and inspire each other. Drama and Music are based in the Huddleston Building. The Art Department has its own library and computers. If you are a music or drama student you will enjoy fully equipped rehearsal studios and practice rooms. There is also a music computer suite where you can compose using Sibelius composition software.

We often have one of the largest A Level music sets in the country. The School orchestras are widely renowned for the quality of their musicianship and the ambition of their repertoires. Our ensembles and orchestras tour regularly and we have professional musicians perform with us.

The annual ‘Watercolour Challenge’ is an inter-House event that always draws attention both for the quality of the work produced and the commitment shown by the participants. There are many similar opportunities to exercise your artistic skills. Every Summer Term, the Hardy Amies Design Centre is given over to an exhibition of students’ work and we are consistently delighted by the standard of the work across many different media.

We put on three major productions a year and offer Theatre Studies at A Level. There are also many trips to the theatre during the year. We have an active dance group and we also have the scope for you to try your hand at film making