Arty Laundry

It has been an eventful week.  We had two prospective students visit and have a look around, one from Japan – he could be our very first Japanese boarder.  He was due to arrive at 11am but at 8am, the first floor showers flooded!  It was something of almost biblical proportions, the drain had somehow blocked and of course, the water began to overflow on to the floor and out the door into the corridor.  The first I knew of it was a dripping wet boy swaddled in a towel yelling, “Sir, we’ve got a massive flood!”  At that precise moment, Paul one of the maintenance team turned up and went to investigate while I looked for some wood and searched the internet for ark-building instructions.

Within half an hour, the water was gone. There appeared more maintenance men, armed with huge vacuum cleaner type machines to dry out the carpet.  By the time our prospective students arrived, everything was back to normal.  

I have been looking at taking the boys out at the weekend and even after supper in the evenings.  It’s getting colder and darker so they are less likely to go out and play football even though the astro is floodlit.  Over the past few weeks, we have held what we call ‘Take-away and Chat’ evenings.  This is where my wife and I sit down with all the boys (in groups of eight) and talk about what’s going well and what changes they would like to see.  Overall, everything is positive which is reassuring given I have only been doing the job since September.  Some of them, do have the most extraordinary wish lists, here are a few examples:  a swimming pool in the outside quad area, 24 hour Wi-Fi (can you imagine?), a 3D printer and interconnecting telephones for their rooms!  

They are funny.  Anyway, we have decided on a number of activities: paintballing, karting, laser-tag, bowling and visiting an escape room!

It is Sunday night as I type this and I have just been round doing lights-out.  I went into the linen room to switch the light off and noticed how neat and almost artistic their dirty washing looked.  It is usually in just a heap on the floor, but tonight for some odd reason, they have been quite careful to arrange it just so.  I am wondering if the Tate Modern might be interested?  I am calling it: 'Still Life with Muddy Football Kit and Fragrant Socks.'

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