Life! But not as you know it

The diversity of life on this planet never fails to surprise even the best-travelled observer. Under the microscope, the most innocuous-looking glass slide reveals a world of micro-organisms. The need for informed opinions about the natural world has never been greater.

Turn on the TV any night of the week and you will find a wealth of inspiring documentaries bringing the natural world to your sitting room. We study this amazing world day in, day out; with us, you will learn fascinating facts about it that we so often take for granted.

Biology offers students the academic satisfaction of problem-solving within a real life framework that they find both enjoyable and inspiring. At Brentwood, we have a hands-on approach to the teaching of Biology. Our facilities are excellent, allowing all our students to participate fully in practical techniques. We emphasise investigative skills and fieldwork: we like to teach in context. On their residential field course, the Sixth Formers learn about ecology in the field, rather than in a classroom.

We also seek to ignite students' interest in the natural world and to inspire them to study the subject beyond the classroom, or to a higher level. Our Biology teachers have a broad range of specialist interests: from complex biochemistry, to the psychological basis of human behaviour. We encourage our students and support their interests, wherever they may lead them.