Book Club

The Power of Words

At Brentwood School, we encourage our pupils to read widely and to develop a love for literature in all its many forms. This year, we have established a Junior Book Club open to all students in the 1st and 2nd Year who wish to share this passion for books. A new book is chosen each term and every Friday at lunchtime, the group meet with Mr Murley and Mrs Schwar to discuss what they have read and how it has shaped and altered their perspectives.

Book Review - ‘The Wall’ by William Sutcliffe

‘The Wall’ is a brilliant book written by William Sutcliffe. The language and emotion he spills into the pages really shows, and as we continued to progress through the novel, we became sucked into his words and the fictional land that he had almost perfectly created. We also considered and questioned the world we live in. As we discussed throughout the reading of ‘The Wall’, many real life aspects and themes, such as propaganda, conflict and human compassion are introduced, and left us wondering what was around every corner. Joshua, a thirteen year old boy, discovers a mysterious tunnel as he wanders into a ‘construction site’, and uncovers a whole new world on the other side of the wall that he had lived next to for so long. Joshua makes new friends that puts him and them in danger, and is shocked to discover the truth lurking under the blanket of the media and his over-ruling step-father, Liev.

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