Brentwood Learning Community

The Brentwood Learning Community aims to offer parents the opportunity to engage with a variety of topics relating to the education of their children. These include support sessions giving parents ideas on how to help children with revision, learning difficulties and technology. It also offers parents the opportunity to further their knowledge through attending lectures provided by members of staff on specialist topics such as parasites, astronomy and classical music. These lectures link to the Human Universe programme offered at Brentwood School and provides parents with an insight into the commitment we make to providing our students with a holistic education. 

We would really like some input from you on how we can further enhance this programme as well as your suggestions on sessions you would like to see run in the future. Please follow the link to fill in the google form here.

Please find below the details of events taking place this term, please check the times carefully. 

Date Title Booking Details

First Year - iPad Roll out Parent Event 
6.45pm-8.15pm in the Bean Tuck Shop

Ahead of the First Year iPad roll out we have organised an essential iPad information and Q&A evening. We will address the practical information regarding the iPad and discuss our approach to using Digital Technology in the classroom. This event is focused at First Year parents, however it is open to all. 

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Drugs and the Brain by Dr Guy Sutton 6-7pm in the Bean Tuck Shop 

This lecture is intended as a 'no holds barred' introduction for the interested layperson, be they casual observer, user or worried parent.
During the session, we will explore how a wide variety of drugs work on the brain and nervous system altering behaviour. Following an introduction to nerve cells, synapses, neurotransmitters and brain anatomy, we will turn our attention to how drugs change the way in which nerve cells communicate. We will describe not only the neural and cerebral effects of recreational drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, ecstasy and heroin, but also the effects of prescription compounds such as antidepressants and antipsychotics. Finally, we will consider whether or not cannabis is as harmful to young people as is often stated, presenting a reasoned review of recent scientific studies examining its effects on the brain and its association with mental illness.


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Music for Classical Dance by Ben Pope 6.30-7.30pm in the Bean Tuck Shop 

Ben Pope is a leading composer, arranger and conductor who has specialised in ballet music. He has conducted a number of leading orchestras in this country, including that at Covent Garden, and he is Music Director of the Royal Ballet of Flanders. He will give a presentation with appropriate short video extracts explaining developments and innovations  in classical dance music.

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To book any of these please follow instructions in the table above. You will also receive a letter via InTouch for each event with further details. If you have any questions regarding the content please do not hesitate to contact Mrs H Barfield Moore (academic talks) or Miss M Choate (wellbeing events)