Brentwood Learning Community

The Brentwood Learning Community aims to offer parents the opportunity to engage with a variety of topics relating to the education of their children. These include support sessions giving parents ideas on how to help children with revision, learning difficulties and technology. It also offers parents the opportunity to further their knowledge through attending lectures provided by members of staff on specialist topics such as parasites, astronomy and classical music. These lectures link to the Human Universe programme offered at Brentwood School and provide parents with an insight into the commitment we make to providing our students with a holistic education. 

We would really like some input from you on how we can further enhance this programme as well as your suggestions on sessions you would like to see run in the future. Please follow the link to fill in the google form here.

Please find below the details of events taking place this term. Please check the times carefully. 

Date Title Booking Details

Mindfulness workshop for parents 6pm-7.30pm BAC Tuck Shop

This parent workshop will cover the benefits of mindfulness and let you experience the type of exercises that are conducted in class by the Mindfulness Team in School. You will have time to practice the exercises and see the benefits for yourself! We hope that this workshop will encourage you to continue with mindfulness going forward and perhaps involve the whole family.

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How and Why Anti-Semitism has grown in recent years 6.30pm BAC Tuck Shop 

Rabbi Andrew Shaw is Chief Executive of Mizrachi UK, the leading organisation for religious Zionism in Britain. He is a powerful and charismatic speaker and will be speaking to SABS students before this talk on how and why Anti-Semitism has grown in recent years. 

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Diversity Role Models: LGBT and Inclusion 7-8pm BAC Tuck Shop 

Parents and carers play a key role in shaping and supporting young people’s opinions and attitudes. Led jointly by a trained facilitator and a representative from the School, this workshop will help parents understand the work the School is doing to be more inclusive, why it is important, and how they can support young people to develop empathy, inclusive behaviours, and embrace diversity.

Workshop content:

The importance of eliminating bullying and exclusion to create a positive and inclusive environment where all students can thrive. It will include:


  • The lived experiences of LGBT+ people
  • Moral, statutory and Ofted/ISI obligations
  • How this work aligns and is brought to life within the schools’ policies, ethos and values
  • How parents and carers can support the School

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Revision and Study Skills for First, Second and Third Years 6.45pm in the BAC Tuck Shop

Mrs Hill (Head of Third Year) and Mr Higgins (Director of Sixth Form) will share their experience of effective revision techniques for students, as well as providing advice on measures that parents can take to support the revision process at home.

The main areas of focus for the evening will be:

  • Effective student revision
  • Recent research on revision techniques
  • Parental support

This event is aimed at parents of students who are in the First, Second or Third Year and would like further guidance on how to help their children maximise their revision at home ahead of their end of year exams.

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Dali Explained 6.15pm Memorial Hall

Professor Anthony Slinn, an inspirational art lecturer, will explain the paintings of Salvador Dali. 

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Study Skills Evening for KS4 led by Elevate Education 6:30pm in the BAC Tuck Shop

This event is aimed at parents of students who are in the Fourth or Fifth year and who would like further guidance on the skills and knowledge needed to support their children to help them get the most out of their school experience ahead of their GCSEs. 

The main focus of the session will be on: 

  • Helping your children effectively manage their time
  • Helping your children become motivated and stay motivated
  • The different types of work your children should prioritise across the year to maximise results
  • Helping your children work effectively with technology whilst minimising distractions 

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To book any of these please follow instructions in the table above. You will also receive a letter via InTouch for each event with further details. If you have any questions regarding the content please do not hesitate to contact Mrs H Barfield Moore (academic talks) or Ms K Corcoran (wellbeing events)