In our element. Could it be yours?

Understanding how important Chemistry is to all aspects of our existence starts the moment a First Form pupil arrives in one of our laboratories. Our course is filled with a variety of interesting activities to analyse the concepts that underpin Chemistry.

By the time pupils reach the Third Form, serious academic rigour sets in. With the recent inception of the IGCSE Science course, pupils are made aware that this fun subject is also a vehicle to get them places in life. By this stage, too, there is a buzz around the Chemistry office as enthusiastic pupils drop in to see their teachers for extra support and help, no matter how small or large.

At Brentwood School, we offer the Salters A Level and IB courses. In both, students engage in investigative coursework and they begin to understand the processes involved in carrying out personal scientific research.

The research project at Salters A Level is unique among all A Level courses presently on offer in the UK. It significantly contributes to the large number of pupils who each year wish to study Chemistry at both Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, having recognised that the challenge of their research project suits both their academic susceptibilities and personal aptitudes.

Finally, the old adage ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ expresses perfectly the outcome of Chemistry education at Brentwood School - large numbers of past A Level pupils come back to the School to thank their old Chemistry teachers for a truly unforgettable experience!

Students get creative in Chemistry!

A group of Third Form boys have impressed their Chemistry teacher by unleashing creative flair and creating fantastic models of atoms out of pipe cleaners, boxes, foam balls and wire.

Having been initially instructed to make simple models, the students decided to rise to the challenge by being imaginative and resourceful, constructing artistic representations of the structure of atoms. The brightly-coloured and boldly engineered models can be seen adorning the classroom of Mrs Khush.
Commenting on the task given to the class, she said:
“I asked students to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the parts of the atom through neat and creative visual presentation; to take on a familiar topic in an unfamiliar way.

“What I didn’t expect was the amount of time and energy the students put into this project. They have produced the most wonderful 3D models of the atom and I want to give them recognition for what they have constructed.”

The students were rewarded with a bag and pen for their designs and they were also visited by the Headmaster, who personally congratulated them on their inventiveness.
As a result of their successful assignment, the boys have once again demonstrated how Brentwood School places huge value on combining both science and creativity.