Chess Scholarships

The many benefits of chess are very well established. As a sport, a science and an art with more than a thousand years of history, it is not only tremendous fun to play but has been proven to considerably develop problem-solving skills, social skills, calculating ability, concentration, endurance, resilience, competitiveness and creativity.

With the introduction of chess scholarships at Brentwood we intend to foster all of these and give chess the recognition it deserves. There is already a burgeoning interest in the game in the School. We have a
number of county standard players and our pupils can join the well-attended chess club, improve their game with instruction provided by our older players in the Chess Society and play in the House Competition.

We offer the opportunity to compete in a wide range of local, regional and national competitions and will offer 

It is also envisaged that Brentwood School will run its own large junior chess tournament. We will be thus
providing the framework to enable keen and talented players to thrive and reach their full potential.

Application Process

There is no minimum standard required, but applicants should be aware that the likelihood is that a good number of at least county standard players will apply. The level required to achieve the actual scholarship will, therefore, be considerable.

All registered applicants will be invited to play in a Chess Scholarship Tournament. From this tournament, a shortlist of around four to eight candidates will be produced. 

The successful shortlisted candidates will then play in a round-robin Formal Selection Tournament to decide the final scholarship winners.

Successful candidates will also need to have performed extremely well in the Entrance Examination in January.