Not a past participle...

Study of the classical world gives you an invigorating insight into the world today. The appeal of Classics is in the variety of disciplines it involves: linguistic explorations of Latin and Greek, History, Geography, Art and Social Studies.

We do all kinds of activities in lessons: detailed, technical language work; brain-stretching translations; open discussions; research, drama and literature... Outside lessons we’re active too, providing our students with a sociable as well as intellectually enriching experience.

Brentwood’s Classics department is one of the largest and youngest in the country. We teachers all love teaching our subject – we have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do and this clearly comes across in lessons. Our broad range of staff interests means that we have a depth of expertise in different areas of the curriculum; we can inspire students to study deeply, while still covering the syllabus in its entirety.

There is a real sense of community, both among the teaching staff and the ‘Classics family’ students. The students themselves seem to adopt us as a home within the School – they come on our trips, chat to us around school and move into our teaching rooms during their free time. Our office door is always open and there’s nearly always a student there, asking a question.

Classicists are everywhere – they do all kinds of jobs. What distinguishes them from everything else? They’re never boring.