Co-Curricular & Community


The feeling that you belong: you cannot measure it, but you sense it. People remark when they visit us that although we are a large School, there is a hum of harmony here, a sense of togetherness that defies the size of the place. Pupils at Brentwood are on a journey through education, but they are also building relationships on many different levels.

The quality of these relationships is the key to the success of our community. We are keen to get to know you: what fires your imagination? What hidden talents can we uncover and grow? Our pupils have a strong sense that they are known and that they belong here: in many different ways to different kinds of people.

Our Sixth Formers play an active and visible role in bringing the values of the School to life by being committed, caring people. The Headmaster, through a consultation process with teachers and senior students, appoints our Head of School and School Praepostors. They are given specific responsibilities, and are role models for the whole student body.

Each tutor group of 14 meets twice a day. Tutor groups are a mix of Lower and Upper Sixth Formers who are all studying in the same fields of interest. Grouping by subject in this way means that each individual is supported academically and personally. By the time students leave, we hope they will have forged diverse friendships.

This may be through the House system or within the vast array of co-curricular activities that we run. We conduct a Life Skills programme that covers subjects such as safer driving, managing a budget and health matters.

We support each other as teaching departments, forms, year groups, Houses, teams, ensembles, orchestras, casts, management, boarding houses, governing body, congregation, friends and School.

We offer three options outside the curriculum to give pupils yet another opportunity to build relationships and be outward-looking:

  • Our CCF is one of the oldest and the largest Combined Cadet Forces in the country. It mobilises hundreds of our pupils to be adventurous and team-spirited.
  • The Volunteer Service Activity (VSA) is the centre of social enterprise at the School.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is an award for personal achievement that can be obtained by anyone aged from 14 to 25. Pupils who participate gain a huge sense of accomplishment.

The School offers an exceptional programme of co-curricular activities with a wide and diverse selection of clubs and trips available. Pupils may elect to take part in competitive and recreational sport, musical activities, drama groups and productions, public speaking, art, technology and many others.

Team and individual activities may be organised during the holidays in the form of special trips and residential visits, often taking place abroad. Pupils are issued with a calendar, providing details of all activities, and are encouraged to involve themselves in a range to promote all-round development.

Form Tutors monitor pupils’ involvement and help them to co-ordinate their choices. Pupils involved in activities out of School may count these as co-curricular activities, provided that the Form Tutor is informed. All pupils undertake a minimum of three co-curricular activities a term, which take place after School on some evenings and weekends.

For further details on co-curricular activities, or for any other co-curricular concerns, you should contact the Form Tutor in the first instance, or Mrs McLeod, Co-ordinator of Co-Curricular Activities.