Computing Department

Mr John McCann, BEng
Head of Computing
East Housemaster

Energetic and excitable, Mr McCann is like the ‘qubit’ of the quantum computer. Although not able to process the Teraflops of data a modern microprocessor can, his department sum the function well above the average. He also juggles this role with Housemaster (East).

Mr Graham Kiff, BSc
Teacher of Computing


Miss Iona Lovelock, BA
Teacher of Computing

Mrs Kamal Rajani, BSc
Teacher of Computing
Director of Life Skills

Master i/c Examinations

Mrs Rajani is a teacher with an interactive information retrieval system. She has implemented this with a multi-access system, which allows the user to access the information stored. Her low-level language enables users to view data on the terminal. High levels of protocol and privacy settings are in place to ensure hackers are unable to access. Although a little BIT of the department, she has a huge BYTE when angry.