East House

Head of East House, Christy Howard

My name is Riya Rajani and I am a Head of East House, alongside Harry McNair and Francesca Chantry. East House is like a family and when I leave the School in April, one of the things that I will be sad to leave behind will definitely be East. 

I have been in East House since I arrived at Brentwood in the First Year and I’ve always loved representing East in whatever I do; and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. As I have grown through the years, I have tried to participate in whatever I can and encourage the students in the years below me to get involved, especially with the House Music competition commencing at the beginning of every academic year. 

Throughout the year East House raises money for charity and contributes to the local food bank. We finish off the year with our charity week, where the pupils from each House nominate a charity in which they would like to help. Occasionally all the money we accumulate goes to one charity, or sometimes we split the donations between a number of charities. 

There are many things to get involved in within the House, such as sporting events like Badminton, Squash, Swimming or Athletics, singing events such as House Music or if you are an artist there is the House Watercolour Challenge. There is always an activity requiring the varied talents within the House, and as the Co-Curricular activities are so diverse, there is something for everyone. 

Former Head of East House, Riya Rajani

Notable East House OBs

  • Keith Hopkins, 1943-52
  • Chris Jarvis, 1980-7
  • Frank Lampard, 1985-95
  • Griff Rhys Jones, 1965-71

House History

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