Elite Player Pathway

Fourteen of our most elite athletes across eight sporting disciplines form Brentwood School’s Elite Performer Pathway.

The pathway ensures the pupils develop their own personal plans co-operatively with their respective mentors based upon their long term developmental targets. Each athlete has highlighted one long term goal, three short term goals and devised an action plan for achieving said goals.

The athletes have taken part in a ‘Management of Anxiety and Arousal in Sport Workshop’ led by Mr Wignall, Director of Sport and a number of our athletes are completing additional skills sessions with their mentors.

A reading list has been distributed with two of our candidates, James Warman and James Elms, presenting their perceptions of the theories of Purposeful Practice, and the 10,000 rule from their reading.

Our partnership with the School Sports Centre has allowed us to utilise the expertise of their staff to construct and implement personalised Strength and Conditioning programmes for our athletes. 

We are developing the EPP by reconnecting with Old Brentwood Professor Michael Cole from the University of East London, and are hopeful that our athletes can visit the University’s Sports Science Laboratory to undergo a series of tests.

The EPP has scheduled workshops on Time Management, Sport Nutrition, and periodization to be delivered prior to the Christmas Break.