Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Think of a poet. What do you see? Do you see an anarchic, aristocrat who spent his life drinking wine from a skull? Well, that is exactly what Lord Byron did. Isn’t perception a funny thing?

Often, the perception of studying English is this: groups of people sitting around, reading tattered, ancient books written hundreds of years ago in a language that no one understands. Not true. English is the iceberg of all subjects: on the surface, it is about reading books - but take a look just below the surface and you will see that English offers a great deal more.

When you open a book, you open your mind. English creates confident, free-thinkers. It is a subject which challenges our views and questions our morals and belief systems; it links our present with the past lives of others - and sometimes, as one student once said: "Sir, this just blows my mind!"

Study English and you are stepping into a world of poetry, drama and prose that will take you on a unique voyage. You might not like or even understand everything you see, but you will never  forget taking the journey.

Short Stories Club 


The Short Stories Club visited Brentwood Prep School in order to read their fantastic short stories aloud to three eager Year 6 classes.

All of the students involved in the club had spent a whole term perfecting their masterpieces; drafting their work, editing and developing engaging and exciting plots. The invaluable help of the Sixth Form mentors was also well appreciated; an enthusiastic club member Alice Grundy commenting that it had been an excellent opportunity to gain insight into writing from 'someone who is a current student themselves, someone talented and easy to approach'.

The quality of the student's writing was outstanding, a host of budding authors. When talking about how they had enjoyed the difficult task of creating their own story, First Year Emily O'Sullivan, said: ' I enjoyed creating my own stories. I just couldn't stop writing!’ The amazing work produced by the students was received with high anticipation and excitement from the Prep School. They listened intently as each author read their favourite extract and then asked insightful and thought provoking questions. The writers, mentors and Prep School students were delighted with the final results - and who knows, some among them may be the next J.K.Rowling!