Expedition Society

The Brentwood School Expedition Society aims to inspire young adults in the pursuit of arduous and demanding outdoor activities by the means of a subject focused co-curricular society.

What's Involved?

  1. Royal Geographical Society and National Geographic Lectures.
    1. Once a term we invite speakers to the School who are experts in their field. The talks range from inspiring personal accounts to discussions of latest research. These termly talks will work in collaboration with upcoming expeditions or courses. 
  2. Student Briefs and Exhibitions
  3. Trustees
  4. Navigation and Mountain Courses.
    1. Being a member of the Expedition Society grants pupils access to specialised and professional courses. These courses help prepare pupils for their expeditions as well as provide them with intangible skills. 
  5. Research
    1. Expeditions to remote or exotic areas often evoke scientific interest. This professional interest gives the trip a greater purpose by enabling pupils to be a part of real research as well as giving them the opportunity to use the findings for their own school work. 
  6. Bushcraft and Survival Skills
    1. Training courses, talks and adventurous trips give pupils the opportunity to learn bushcraft and survival skills. Expect to learn skills such as – building a shelter, starting a fire, rope work and first aid. 
  7. Expeditions
    1. Two expeditions are arranged for pupils to plan and run. The first is a mini expedition which takes place in the Fourth Year and the second is the main expedition which takes place in the Sixth Form. 
    2. The mini expedition is a short-haul trip to an area in the British Isles such as the Cairngorms in Scotland, Snowdonia in North Wales or Mainland Europe. This trip gives pupils their first impression of planning, organising and experiencing an expedition. The first planned mini expedition is a trip to the Azores to climb the volcanic mountains.
    3. The main expedition brings all the pupils training and experience together for a long-haul trip to an exotic or remote location. This trip will involve a task or project which will be challenging but achievable. The first proposed main expedition is to Borneo for a jungle trek coupled with some conservation work with Orang-utans.
  8. Student Led
    1. Both the mini and main expeditions require planning from all pupils involved and will encourage pupils to proactively take responsibility for their own preparation. 

What will I get out of it?

  1. Enhanced Employment and UCAS Profiles
    1. The courses, talks and expeditions provide pupils with respected qualifications and experience as well as the intangible skills that come from the preparation and practice. 
  2. Qualifications
    1. Various courses are available to expedition members which will provide them with professional and recognised qualifications. These qualifications will only serve to enhance the pupil’s personal and professional experiences in the future. 
  3. Life Skills – Organisation and Presentation
    1. Pupils will be expected to help plan their expeditions as well as present research to aid their own preparation and the preparation of their peers for the trip. 
  4. Global Perspective
    1. It is true, experiencing different countries and cultures does broaden the mind and these expeditions give pupils a unique perspective of the places and people they meet.
  5. Deeper Subject Knowledge – Geography, Science, History
    1. A thorough understanding of the local weather, environment and culture is required before attending an expedition. This in depth knowledge and real experience will bring a pupil’s school lessons to life. 

Expedition Society in the Senior School

  • First - Second Year - Bushcraft and Survival
  • Third - Fifth Year - Navigation Skills and Qualifications
  • Fifith Year - Upper Sixth - Summer Mountain Foundation and Mountain Leader Qualifications

Upcoming Trips

  • Morocco Expedition August 2019 - For further details please contact Mr Stuart Hill

Want to find out more?

Senior School Expedition Society Leader and Founder

Mr Stuart Hill