Famous Old Brentwoods


David Acfield (OB 1957 - 1965)

First Class and A List Cricketer and Champion Fencer

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David Acfield biography


Douglas Adams (OB 1959 - 1970)

Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Douglas Adams biography


Keith Allen (OB 1966 - 1968)

Comedian, actor, singer and writer (father of singer Lily Allen)

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Keith Allen biography


Peter Allen (OB 1957 - 1965)

BBC broadcaster and journalist

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Peter Allen biography


Sir Hardy Amies (OB 1919 - 1926)

Couturier and Dressmaker by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen 

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Sir Hardy Amies biography


Peter Barker (OB 1995 - 2002)

Professional Squash player

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Peter Barker biography


Martin Bartlett (OB 2007 - 2010)

BBC Young Musician of the Year

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Martin Bartlett biography


Charles Bean (OB 1891 - 1894)

Journalist, Correspondent and Official Historian of the Australian involvement in the
First World War, and a founder of the Australian War Memorial

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Charles Bean biography


Sir Charlie Bean (OB 1961 - 1971)

Executive Director and Chief Economist of the Bank of England    

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Charlie Bean biography                                    


Baron Black of Brentwood (OB 1971 - 1981)

Executive Director of the Telegraph and former Director of the Press Complaints Commission

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Baron Black of Brentwood biography


George Soper Cansdale (OB 1921 - 1927)

Zoologist and Broadcaster                                                                                                           

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George Soper Cansdale biography


Patrick Carter, Lord Carter of Coles (OB 1957 - 1964)

Politician and life peer

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Patrick Carter biography

Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain (OB 1871 - 1873)                                                                                          

Army Officer, Inspector General of the Royal Irish Constabulary
and inventor of snooker

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Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain biography


Alex Crutchett (OB 1995 - 2008)

Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Men's Sabre Fencing

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British International Men's Sabre Fencer
September 2005 – Present (9 years 8 months)
- Represented Great Britain at 2013 European Fencing Championships
and World Fencing Championships
- June 2013 British Senior Men's Sabre ranked No1.
- 2011 Senior British National Champion
- 6 time National Championship Medallist
- Currently ranked in the top 3 in the Senior British National Rankings
- Member of the British Senior International Squad and Team.
- Junior Commonwealth Double Gold Medallist
- Former British No1 at both Cadet and Junior levels
- Twice Varsity match winner and recipient of a sporting ‘Blue’
from Oxford University
- Double Gold Medallist at the inaugural UK Schools Games
- Public Schools Fencing Champion at Mount-Haes and Senior level.
- Eastern Region Champion at all age groups.


Sir Robin Day (OB 1934 - 1938)


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Sir Robin Day biography


Ralph Dellor (OB 1955 - 1967)

Cricket commentator and sports journalist                                                                                

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Ralph Dellor biography

Denis Dunlop (OB 1905 - 1908)


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Denis Dunlop biography


Sir David Eady (OB 1954 - 1960)

High Court Judge

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Sir David Eady biography


Noel Edmonds (OB 1960 - 1967)

Disc jockey and broadcaster

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Noel Edmunds biography


David Eldridge (OB 1985 - 1992)


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David Eldridge biography


Dr Stephen Fleet (OB 1948 - 1951)

Master of Downing College, University of Cambridge

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Dr Stephen Fleet biography


Keith Hopkins (OB 1943 - 1952)

British historian and sociologist

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Keith Hopkins biography


Lord Howard Flight (OB 1959 - 1966)


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Lord Howard Flight biography

Fabian Hamilton (OB 1964 - 1973)


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Fabian Hamilton biography


Neil Harris (OB 1988 - 1993)

Professsional Footballer and coach

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Neil Harris biography


Professor Eric Ives OBE (OB 1939 - 1949)

British historian

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Professor Eric Ives biography


Chris Jarvis (OB 1980 - 1987)

Television Presenter

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Chris Jarvis biography


Nic Jones (OB 1958 - 1962)                                                                                                            


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Nic Jones biography


Charles Kortright (OB 1880 - 1885)


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Charles Kortright biography


Frank Lampard OBE (OB 1985 - 1995)

Professional Footballer

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Frank Lampard biography


Lord Andrew Lansley CBE (OB 1968 - 1974)                                                                         

Former Secretary State for Health

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Andrew Lansley CBE MP biography


Ian Martin (OB 1959 - 1966)

Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN

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Ian Martin biography



Louise McKinlay (OB 1989 - 1996)

Youngest ever female Council Leader in the Country 

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Louise McKinlay biography

Sir Ralph Murray (OB 1922 - 1927)

British journalist, radio broadcaster and diplomat

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Sir Ralph Murray biography

Stephen Murray (OB 1922 - 1930)

English cinema, radio, theatre and television actor

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Stephen Murray biography


Chrystall Nicoll (OB 2003 - 2004)

British No. 1 ranked Women's Sabre Fencer

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Chrystall Nicoll biography


Alex O'Connell (OB 1995 - 2006)

Team GB Men's Sabre Fencer

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Alex O'Connell biography


Hal Ozsan (OB 1988 - 1995)                                                                                                          

Actor and singer-songwriter

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Hal Ozsan biography



Eric Peters (OB 1976 - 1987)

Professional Rugby Player

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Eric Peters biography



Michael Peppiatt (OB 1952-59)

Writer, Art Historian and Exhition Curator

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Michael Peppiatt biography


Griff Rhys Jones (OB 1965 - 1971)

Comedian and actor

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Griff Rhys Jones biography


John Rist (OB 1944 - 1954)

Known mainly for his contributions to the history of metaphysics and ethics

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John Rist biography


Stewart Robson (OB 1978 - 1981)

Former English Professional Footballer

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Stewart Robson biography


Sir Nick Scheele (OB 1950 - 1962)

Former president of the Ford Motor Company

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Sir Nick Scheele biography


Darly Selby (OB 1994 - 2001)

Professional Squash Player

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Daryl Selby biography


Sir Michael Snyder (OB 1961 - 1968)

Senior Partner at Kingston Smith LLP, Common Councilman 
of the City of London Corporation 

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Sir Michael Snyder biography


Sir Peter Stothard (OB 1962 - 1969)

Former editor of The Times

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Sir Peter Stothard biography


Rt Hon Jack Straw (OB 1957 - 1964)

Former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Former Foreign Secretary

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Jack Straw biography



Dr Michael Tompsett (OB 1950 - 1959)

Physicist and inventor of the CCD imager

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Dr Michael Tompsett biography


Ed Woodward (OB 1983 - 1989)

Executive Vice Chairman and a Director of Manchester United Football Club

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Ed Woodward biography


Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth Wright (OB 1921 - 1929)

British Ambassador

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Sir Denis Wright biography


Stephen Yardley (OB 1950 - 1958)


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Stephen Yardley biography