Further Learning Opportunities

As well the many and varied opportunities for professional development organised internally, Brentwood School also encourages teachers to engage in external CPD. 

A significant proportion of colleagues in any one year will attend training events, courses, conferences, examination briefings etc. The process of application is designed to be simple and efficient whilst also strongly encouraging and supporting staff to disseminate their learning further upon return.

Every year a number of colleagues also engage in more extensive study and research opportunities such as MEd, EdD and PhD qualifications, and the school can usually support such individuals to make the most of their learning experiences.

In addition to the many learning opportunities in school, there is a myriad of organisations beyond school to help teachers with their professional development. 

MOOCs - massive open online courses. These are learning platforms, generally developed by consortia of higher education establishments around the world, that offer users free access to a wide variety of courses - covering subject-specific topics, numerous aspects of pedagogy and leadership and management techniques. Online courses use a combination of videos, animated presentations, online readings, assessments such as quizzes and assignments, and interactive user forums.

External training providers - there are numerous external training providers that run courses on all aspects of pedagogy. Click here to explore the courses available from the most popular providers and the goodcpdguide search engine provided by the Teacher Development Trust.

Trade Unions - as well as offering advice and support, trade unions offer their members (and non-members) a wide variety of training courses and teacher resources. Explore those offered by the leading unions here.

Exam boards - training sessions run by exam boards offer an invaluable insight into the content, structure and assessment rationale of the specifications they offer. Explore those offered by the leading exam boards here.

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