Mankind & The Natural World

Where are we, where have we been and where are we going? Combining the intricacies of the natural world with the impact of man produces a wealth of fascinating topics to study. That’s the beauty of Geography.

From the icy extremes of the Icelandic glaciers to the tropical heat of Amazonia, geographers at Brentwood study a range of environments on a multitude of scales.

Geography is the everyday news. From conflict in the Middle East, to volcanic ash clouds interrupting air travel; from French farmers struggling to produce good quality wine, to global climate change.

Our syllabus integrates scientific precision with human interaction and develops vital skills, such as map reading, problem solving and decision making. Students learn to make connections between scientific factors and sociological, psychological and historical reasons for why the world is as it is.
Working in the outdoor classroom of the environment, Brentwood pupils are able to experience all manner of places in the local area. Trips, visits and practical sessions enhance their outdoor learning experience.

Transferable skills of report writing, data analysis, synthesising an array of material from different sources, critical thinking and using geographic information systems make geographers in great demand by many employers.