Headmaster’s Award

The Headmaster’s Award is open to all students in the Second Year and seeks to provide a variety of challenges that focus on developing latent academic skills. The Award also aims to enhance general knowledge and instil an interest in the wider world and to that end provides a good foundation for those wishing to take part in the Junior Sir Antony Browne Society (JSABS) which is open to students from the Third to the Fifth Year.

Details of how to begin the Headmaster's Award will be available shortly before the end of the first half term in the Michaelmas Term. A copy of the detailed booklet can be accessed here as well:

Headmaster's Award Booklet

In order to qualify for the Headmaster’s Award, students need to complete six challenges in the areas outlined below:

  • Trip or expedition
  • Charity
  • Subject challenge
  • Presentation skills
  • Reading skills
  • Skills and sport