The Past Historic

Studying History enables you to reflect on the past in the present. It is fascinating to understand the evolution of attitudes over time and differing interpretations of events. At Brentwood School, History is a core curriculum subject.

At Brentwood, our young Historians’ imaginations and investigative skills are both stimulated and developed. These are not just valuable when comparing historical sources; they are hugely important life skills.

We use a variety of sources, from documents to film, in order to gain a multitude of perspectives and a deeper understanding of historical events. The key objective is always to evaluate sources and produce informed intelligent judgements. Pupils evaluate a vast array of information, including the Domesday Book, portraits of monarchs, film footage from both World Wars and eye witness accounts from any historical event, 1066 to the present.

There is nothing like a field trip to poignantly reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom.  The Third Form trip to the battlefields of Ypres in Belgium allows History to become very real; our pupils return with a greater understanding of the events of 1914-18. Many are then inspired to read books such as ‘War Horse’ and to examine the war poets in greater depth.

There is a History Club for both Juniors and Seniors which provides an insight into History beyond the curriculum. Junior members are fascinated to explore the myth surrounding Robin Hood, while Senior members have the opportunity to examine the intrigues behind Hitler’s downfall.