Holocaust: Will it happen again?

Rabbi Andrew Shaw, Chief Executive of Mizrachi UK, the leading organisation for religious Zionism in Britain, joined Sixth Form members of the Sir Antony Browne Society this week for an enlightening, impassioned and deeply personal account on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Shaw discussed with students whether the Holocaust could happen again and showed them some of the abuse that Jews face around the world, with the use of some fairly eye-opening photographic and video evidence. He told them the story of a Polish Jewish man living in Austria, who was taken from his pregnant wife and never seen again. The daughter she gave birth to turned out to be his mother, an only child without any other family. He cited this as the reason why his brother and he have devoted their life to Zionism and its teaching.

The influential speaker, based in West London, opened the floor to questions which were as wide-ranging as his personal experience with discrimination, the state of Palestine and the influence of global politics.