Inspection Report

Please click on the below link to download the ISI Inspection Report 2013

In February 2013 an inspection of Brentwood School took place and the lead inspector summarised boarding here as the following:

Boarders have an excellent level of personal development. They are erudite and open, relating to fellow boarders and to adults with an easy confidence. A wide range of nationalities is represented within the houses and the tolerance and understanding exhibited by boarders for one another is outstanding. 

Houses celebrate their multi-cultural tradition in a variety of ways, for instance in an event marking the Chinese New Year. They value the friendships they form with one another and new pupils remark upon the way in which they have been welcomed and assimilated by their fellows and valued and cared for by their seniors.

The role models provided and leadership offered by senior boarders in ensuring that this atmosphere of tolerance and mutual support is maintained is a particularly significant feature of the houses. The boarders exhibit a palpable sense of pride in their houses.

They are comfortable in their well-equipped houses and there is a warm and positive relationship, based upon mutual trust, between the boarders and those adults who have responsibility for them. The boarders report that there is a consistency and fairness in the way they are treated in both boarding houses.

To view the full inspection report please click on the document below:

Brentwood Senior ISI Inspection Report 2013