Inspiring Future Leaders: 30 Years of Girls at Brentwood School

To celebrate the momentous anniversaries of 30 years of girls in the first year and 100 years of female emancipation, Brentwood School will be hosting the first in a series of 'Inspiring Future Leaders' events.

The events will take place in the week beginning Monday 23rd April 2018 and will be open to girls and boys in the Senior School in the 4th form and above.

Event 1: Panel presentation followed by a speed-dating style rotation (Tuesday 24th April 2018)

Women from different industries will give a 5 minute talk on their career focussing on how they got to where they are now. The audience will then break out into smaller groups for discussion and each of the speakers will visit each of them.

Time: 4 – 5.15pm

Event 2: Seminar on “Communicating effectively and confidently” (Wednesday 25th April 2018)

This session is designed to give pupils an idea of how to present the very best of themselves and how to change and adapt their mindset in order to be successful in the workplace and in their careers

Time: 4 – 5.15pm

Event 3: Innovation and Creativity Challenge (Thursday 26th April 2018)

Among the most sought-after qualities in the workplace are the ability to innovate and the ability to think creatively.  In collaboration with our visitors, volunteers we will create a team challenge that pupils can sign up to take part in.  They will only be told what their challenge is on the day at 4pm, and will then have 2.5 hours to prepare their 5 minute pitch to a panel of judges.

Time: 6.30pm