Inspiring Prep School engineers build their own rocket cars!

Bloodhound SSC, the team behind the forthcoming land speed record attempt, visited Brentwood Preparatory School to provide a rocket car design and building workshop for children in years 5 and 6.

Children enjoyed an overview of how the land speed record has inspired generations of engineers. They also learned about how the work of mathematicians, scientists and engineers has resulted in great advances in the field of aerodynamics.

Children were given the opportunity to use what they had learnt about the evolution of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car to design and create a rocket car of their own. These cars were later raced on the school netball courts to see which one recorded the fasted time. The fastest team in each year group won the opportunity to have their team name displayed on the tail fin of the actual Bloodhound rocket car.

The joint winners of the year 5 competition were Adnan Yaqub & Jenson Martell and Scarlett Catton & Emma Dowlen, whose cars, 'Jamy Ground Breaker' and 'Shooting Star' respectively, recorded speeds of 54 mph. The year 6 champions were Seun Fashesin Souza & Henry Man with their car, 'Terminator SSC', which achieved a speed of 62 mph.

Children and staff took with them many happy memories of their experiences during the work shops.

Team Bloodhound will return again to the Prep during enrichment week to amaze and inspire our year 4 pupils.

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