Introducing New Hough Housemaster Rob Shearman

We are pleased to announce that Rob Sherman and his wife, Carla will be joining Brentwood School as the new Boarding Housemaster and Housemistress of Hough House. 

Rob started as Housemaster in January 2017 and will be joined by Carla in September 2017. He and Carla were previously Housemaster and Housemistress at Hurstpierpoint School, West Sussex; they have a young family.

We recently interviewed Rob about his background, family and new position at Brentwood. Read what he had to say below:

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got to land this role?

I went to Brighton University to study a BSc Hons in Geography, and after that, I didn’t really want to get a job!! I applied for a Scholarship Masters in Aberdeen to study Rural Resource Management with Sustainable Development, and was granted a full Scholarship. As a keen climber, being in Scotland was great for me, so I finished my Masters in 2000 and worked as a mountain climbing instructor for 4 years. We used to run huge climbing events and commercial abseils. It was really fun! Next, I trained as a paramedic and whilst working, I met my wife who was a housemistress for a boarding school. I injured my knee on a climb, and was told I couldn’t continue as a paramedic, so I decided to go back to Brighton to study for my PGCE and become a teacher. I teach secondary school Geography, and soon became a Housemaster in my current role. I wanted a change of scenery, so started looking around at other schools and found Brentwood online and really liked the look of it.

What are you most looking forward to about the job?

Like any new role, the best part is meeting new people, being in a different environment and having a similar role to what I’m used to, but in a new surroundings. The boarders at Brentwood are slightly younger, and there is only full-boarding, which is a nice change. I’m used to working with day boarders and flexi-boarders, so having purely full boarding means you have more control for more of the time, and external factors are less of an issue.

Are your family looking forward to getting involved?

My family currently live in France, where my children have gone to school and now all speak and write fluently in French. They will be staying there until the next academic year starts, and then joining me here in Brentwood in September. My wife and I have worked together before, so I am looking forward to that again!

What do you think the biggest challenges in the job will be?

The role itself is very similar to what I currently do, but I think the hardest part of a new school is getting to know everyone quickly enough to build good working relationships. When there are so many staff, and so many departments, this can sometimes be difficult.