Junior Sir Antony Browne Society

The Junior Sir Antony Browne Society (JSABS) is open to all students who are interested in the Third to Fifth Form years. It takes places fortnightly and addresses a wide range of issues and subjects. It is, like the Junior Colloquium, an excellent foundation for the style of academic debate and seminar that students will be exposed to later in their education.

Last term, among other themes, we focused on ‘What the papers say’ and 'whether Britain should leave the EU', providing an important forum for us to gather and discuss some of the most important issues concerning our society and the world in general.

We live in a world where the media plays a significant role in shaping what we know and what we think.  We believe it is important for our students to be informed and confident to analyse the views of others and critically assess the content of their opinions as well as being able to form their own. Each week, a group of students are invited to bring a selection of current stories to the meeting and help frame a debate around the underlying issues that emerge.

Each year, the JSABS programme culminates with a Garden Party in Roden House with the Headmaster.

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Download a copy of this term's JSABS programme below:

JSABS Programme - Michaelmas 2017