Learning Support

Stepping stones to success

Regardless of how different a pupil's learning needs may be, we endeavour to meet them in the Learning Support department. We let the pupils' needs determine the shape and form of their individual provision.

It is a source of delight to see pupils becoming their own advocates and equal partners in their review processes with us. Over many years we have been at the heart of Brentwood, working with a whole variety of special needs and learning issues. During that time, many of our students have gone on to successful university and business careers.

We hold frequent reviews with pupils; they grow in confidence to become more articulate about their needs and rigorous in the assessment of their progress. We do this in an atmosphere of warmth, sensitivity and intellectual stimulation, with lashings of good humour.

Technology is not forgotten amidst the personal care. We use the latest and most helpful aids for our students and the right technological assistance is a stimulus to creativity and achievement.

All our teachers are fully briefed on an individual’s needs. We encourage students and their parents to see us as a resource: we are the advocates, coaches and mentors for all their learning needs.

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