Committee Topics

  1. Focusing on the global need to transition to to Sustainable Energy, while meeting global energy demands and the implications this may have in global politics and trade
  2. Ensuring the safety of Rohingya refugees, fleeing Myanmar, and those still persecuted within the nation
  3. Addressing the issue of Russian breaches of international law, namely with the use of a nerve agent in the attempted murder of the Skripals
  4. Attempting to bring stability to the Israeli - Palestinian region, with specific emphasis on the issue of settlements and the highly disputed ‘Gaza Strip’
  5. Creating a practical solution to the ongoing Syrian Civil War, focusing on the issue of terrorist strongholds in the region, such as Islamic State as well as the possible use of chemical weapons by Assad
  6. Placing increased emphasis on Information and Communications Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction to combat the effects of global warming
  7. Adapting to an increasingly technological age through effective and immediate responses to cyber attacks
  1. Promoting Infrastructural recovery in areas struck by natural disasters, in particular Puerto Rico
  2. Finding strategies to ensure sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism
  3. Promoting measures to achieve sustainable cities, through an increased reliance on renewable energy sources
  4. At the Earth Summit in 2012 the main environmental issues for cities were overpopulation, poverty and pollution.
  5. Addressing the issue of flooding in Southeast Asian countries through effective water management
  6. Finding ways to empower female business entrepreneurs in developing nations and bring more women into the modern workforce
  7. Recognising the issue of overfishing - with specific reference to cod, tuna and shark - so enforcing global fishing quotas to ensure oceanic sustainability
  8. Examining the relationship between GDP and carbon emissions, combined with which nations bare the brunt of the effects of global warming and ways to address this
  1. Focusing on measures to improve women's reproductive rights through access to safe and legal abortion
  2. On the question of ensuring freedom of speech in all forms, including media platforms, and in particular the safety of journalists, as an essential for developing democracies
  3. Addressing the issue of child marriage in developing nations
  4. Attempting to protect the rights of LGBT people in nations where they are persecuted for their identities
  5. Finding practical solutions to the refugee crisis throughout the Middle East - focusing on conditions within refugee camps and the issues of resettlement, whilst recognising the environmental impact of large migrations of people
  6. Creating frameworks to preserve the rights, and improve the living standards, of those living in polluted slums - while recognising the environmental impact of global warming on poverty stricken areas and the knock on effect on people living below the poverty line
  1. Achieving sustainability through the ending of the trade in fossil fuels, focusing in particular on lessening the industrial reliance on coal
  2. Focusing on the human impact on the increasingly prevalent extinction crisis by finding ways to protect endangered species
  3. Ending the trade in single use plastics and other non-biodegradable materials that pollute the environment
  4. Addressing the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”
  5. Focusing on the state of the oceans and finding ways to address the pollution therein - with an emphasis on areas of dire contamination of habitats such as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’
  6. Recognising the impact of deforestation and finding ways to replace this practice with more sustainable methods
  1. Concerning the distribution of sanitary water especially in rural areas, given that the contamination of water, exacerbated by pollution, affects four out of ten of the world's population
  2. Addressing the impact of air pollution on human respiratory health, and how to reduce this in areas of expanding urbanisation and industrialisation
  3. Preventing the Spread of Tuberculosis, which remains one of the global top ten causes of death, affecting 10 million people a year, especially in developing nations
  4. Addressing the burgeoning issue of mental health crises, now included in the UN sustainable development goals
  5. Assessing the value of the ‘war on drugs’ and the implications this has had upon both the health of users, and the power of organised crime