Maximilian Somerset performs mathematical impossibilities

As part of Mathematics week in our award-winning Bean Academic Centre, Head of Mathematics Mr Beedell invited the well-known ‘unusualist’ Maximilian Somerset to baffle a packed audience of pupils and staff in the lecture theatre after School.

The magician began by picking out six audience members to roll dice one after the other. He then looked at each of them and shouted out the number they had rolled in a sequence of six, a feat that had odds of 46,656 to 1! There were more gasps from the pupils as he managed to continually guess which hand 2nd year Christian was holding a pound coin in, confidently offering him money if he guessed wrong. He missed out on a cool £200 but was flabbergasted at Somerset’s genius.

Explaining his mathematical methods throughout, after a terrifying knife-under-the-cup lottery aided by a girl in the first year, the final trick involved Maths teacher Mr Bhenavides choosing any five letter word and a pupil choosing any two-digit number, which he astonishingly correctly predicted in a matter of minutes.

Mr Beedell commented afterwards: “It was a pleasure to welcome Maximilian to Brentwood School to demonstrate just how important mathematics is in the world of magic and beyond. His energy and enthusiasm kept pupils and staff entertained and we hope to invite him back again soon.”