Mental Health Awareness Week – 14-20 May 2018

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week has arrived, and one of our most recent Old Brentwoods, Eloise McIlwraith (OB 2010-2017), is pushing for change in the level of mental health care and support that university students receive through her own online petition. 

Eloise decided something needed to be done after learning that a 3rd student suicide had taken place in the short space of a fortnight at her university, the University of Bristol. This issue was also covered by BBC News over the weekend, where a Universities UK report found that students risked “slipping through the gaps”, with the Universities UK’s Head of Mental Health, Professor Steve West, stating that the system had to be “radically changed or we will have failed a generation”.

We got in touch with Eloise to find out more about why she decided to champion this cause: 
“I am hoping to raise awareness on this incredibly important issue as mental health problems are affecting more and more young people each year. Brentwood School was incredible in helping me get back on my feet when I was at my lowest, aiding me in getting the best results in the end, both mentally and with regard to exams. If you could read my petition and sign it, I would be grateful, as some people are simply not as lucky in getting help or realising they need it. Please remember, you are not alone.”

If you would like to support Eloise by signing her petition, please click on this link.
If you want to seek help or know someone in need of assistance or support, please go to the BBC Action Line website, where you will find specific help for Emotional distress and Mental Health: