New top 9 Grade very much in reach for students

Brentwood School students collected their GCSE results today and despite the national trend suggesting that the top ‘9’ grade was fairly unobtainable with only 4% of pupils achieving one, 18% of Brentwood School pupils received 9s in those subjects graded in the new way. A remarkable 29 students received all A*As / 9-7s, in the School’s third best results in ten years.

Ella Hawes is one step closer to a career in Medicine or Law with an impressive tally of results including four 9 grades, 4A*s, two 8s and an A. Ella, whose results were much better than she expected, will return to School at the start of term as an IB Diploma student. Ella, who didn’t really want to give up any subjects, will study Biology, Chemistry, Latin and English at Higher Level and Maths and Classics at Standard Level. “The IB Diploma gives you many more opportunities,” she explained. “The course does not restrict you.”

Star student Shiv Patel was less nervous than his father was when he opened his envelope to reveal an outstanding six 9s and 5 A*s - one star off perfect! Shiv, who was celebrating by going off to a cello workshop, will also be joining the popular IB Diploma programme. Future studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and History beckon: “I do not want to narrow down my field of subjects,” he said.

It was a very proud moment for Brentwood Preparatory School Headmaster Jason Whiskerd when he watched daughter Beth’s delight at an impressive five 9s, 5 A*s and an 8. “I am absolutely thrilled,” said Mr Whiskerd. “She has worked hard and so have the teachers. These results give her a fantastic footing to go forward.” 

Beth’s revision really paid off and the grades, which were a lot better than she had expected, ensure her dream of reading Classics and German at Oxbridge could soon become reality. She will now study Latin, Greek, English and German at A Level.

Zara Phillips felt like royalty with her remarkable haul of four 9s, 3 A*s, two 8s and an A. Zara, who put her success down to hard work and the support of her teachers and parents, will join the Sixth Form’s IB Diploma cohort - after a celebratory holiday in Marbella. Looking to a future in Biochemistry, Zara will study Maths, Biology and Chemistry at Higher Level and Latin, English and Business at Standard Level.

A cautious James Willy was ‘really happy’ with his grades and didn’t expect to do so well in Latin. He received five 9s, five A*s and an 8, and plans to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography at A Level. He didn’t have any plans to celebrate until he knew how he’d done!

The percentage of A*/A (9-7) grades rose 3% to 60% and virtually all students (97%) received C or above (9-4), also a rise of 3%.
Headmaster Ian Davies was at School to greet students and their proud parents and commented:

“My sincere congratulations to all students who worked so hard to achieve such a fantastic set of results.  There are several very impressive individual performances and virtually all students increased their grade since their mock examinations. This is a great testament to their commitment and the many hours put in by our talented teachers too. These will stand them in very good stead as they continue their studies with us in the Sixth Form, along with several dozen new students joining us from other schools”

Today’s statistics perfectly complement last week’s A Level results, and the School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma success. Among the 2018 Upper Sixth cohort, eight students took up offers at Oxford or Cambridge University, eight went on to study Law, and another three were awarded places to study Medicine or Veterinary Studies, which remain the most highly competitive of courses.