Nursery and Reception

The joy of wet sand between your fingers; the transformation of a little grey seed into a plump green shoot; and working with your friend to build the tallest tower ever, are all valuable learning experiences.

At these very early stages in education, our goal is to grow confidence, good learning habits and moral sense. We encourage pupils to take small steps to develop their curiosity and passion for learning. We begin with an understanding of numeracy and literacy through songs and games. We introduce Oral French at this time when children are most receptive to learning a new language. We start with half days and introduce structure very gently. We send you information regularly, letting you know what we are covering in the curriculum so that you can have fun with your child, supporting their learning at home.  For children who have specific learning needs, we have a dedicated Learning Development Teacher who can work with children who need extra support,

In Reception Year, time becomes more structured and we open up the world of numbers, reading and writing in ways that are playful and unintimidating – the Dinosaur topic is, as you can imagine, an instant hit.

Older pupils from Year Six write stories for these smallest of Brentwood pupils and come and read to them in class – a great learning experience for both parties, and a wonderful confidence boost for the Year Six pupils. We fulfil and surpass the National Curriculum requirements at this Foundation Stage and we have the resources to nurture a child’s particular talents.

It is wonderful to watch the building up of each child’s personality as ideas and play become a little more sophisticated. By the end of the Reception Year, a confident young school child will emerge from the toddler they were on day one.