Orienteering team go from strength to strength

Brentwood School’s hardy orienteering team go from strength to strength with some standout performances over the weekend.

On Saturday, the team braved the cold, wind, rain and some very muddy conditions at Bedfords Park, Havering, to pull off a string of firsts and sweep the medals board. In fact, event organisers said the muddy conditions were the worst they had ever seen!

Luke Cooper won the 3.8km Light Green course, Catriona Kadirkamanathan came 3rd in the 2.9 km Orange course, and Stephanie Cooper ran a fantastic 18 minutes and 11 seconds to win the 1.9 km Yellow course. Other Brentwood pupils took 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th positions on the Yellow course!

On Sunday, seven pupils travelled to Thetford Forest, in Norfolk, to add to the numbers representing Essex juniors competing against Norfolk and Suffolk clubs.

Again, outstanding runs from Luke and Stephanie Cooper, and Emma and Kate Bowie-Britton, gained vital points to ensure the Essex juniors were victorious. Sarah Prior, Valentin Ivanov and Mayukha Rodrigo also played their part to ensure the team’s success. 

The national junior finals will be held in Hertfordshire in July, and the Brentwood School youngsters will also be attending with the hope of securing the Yvette Baker trophy for Essex juniors. 

Head of Orienteering, Mrs Rachel Barford, said: “I am so pleased with the dedication of the pupils, who don’t let the mud hold them back – Mayukha even lost his shoe in it and landed in the mire in his sock. A great effort by all.”