Orienteers overcome obstacles for last race of school year

Brentwood School’s orienteers took part in the National Junior Club Orienteering Championships at Wormley Woods in Hertfordshire on Sunday, competing for the Yvette Baker trophy.

They competed as part of the Essex team, joining Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS) to make a team of 36 juniors, including the School’s 12 pupils.  Fantastic runs were achieved by all and they ended up in 10th place by a narrow margin.  Bearing in mind they were competing against the best junior orienteers in the country, many of which are in the national team, it was a fantastic result.  Other teams came from as far as Devon and Scotland, and the overall winners were the Bristol Orienteering Club (BOK).  

1st Year Stephanie Cooper and 2nd Year Emma Bowie-Britton’s runs were fast enough for them to earn points towards the team total on their respective courses, whereas the others did well as they pushed down the scores of rivals.  Fast times on the Yellow course were also achieved by Theo Williams (1st Year), Mayukha Rodrigo (1st Year), and Heather Trevelyan (1st Year), whereas the runners on longer courses found very steep terrain and hidden controls a real challenge.  However, overcoming these challenges to achieve one of his best times was U6 Student Hamish Kadirkamanathan (pictured left), in his last run on behalf of the School team, as he heads to university this Autumn.