Over recent years, Brentwood School has enjoyed considerable success with applications to Oxford or Cambridge University. In 2018, 8 of our students gained entry to Oxford or Cambridge which was an outstanding achievement. 

For some of our most academically able students, an application to Oxford or Cambridge is the right choice to help them deepen and enrich their intellectual study.

We take our responsibility to help prepare all our students for entry to University seriously and this includes our specific provision for those who wish to make an application to Oxbridge. It is worth emphasising that our provision is inclusive, and those even remotely considering application should take advantage of what is on offer since it will help strengthen their application to other, highly competitive institutions. The outline below gives a flavour of the extent of our provision. For more details or enquiries, please contact Mr. John Bowley via email: JGB@brentwood.essex.sch.uk.

Our Oxbridge programme begins in the Michaelmas term of the Lower Sixth Form when we gather our cohort of potential applicants.

In the Lent and Trinity term of the Lower Sixth and the Michaelmas term of the Upper Sixth year, our potential applicants are expected to attend twelve twilight Critical Thinking sessions which seek to prepare them for the rigours of the interview process. In addition to these sessions, supplementary tutorial-style sessions take place regularly and this may lead to students being asked to read more widely and tackle more demanding problems to help extend their knowledge and understanding. Towards the end of the Trinity term in the Lower Sixth, students are guided towards some extended project work in consultation with their chosen mentor and this helps to provide them with first-hand experience of independent research. Alongside this support, students have mock interview practice organised by senior staff along with staff from specific subject areas at regular intervals prior to the actual interviews in December of the Upper Sixth Year.