Physical Education

From novices to internationals

Brentwood is for you, whether you want to play international sport or simply participate. We aim to create confident, dynamic pupils who think creatively and possess the ability to make good decisions in both a sporting and whole School context.

Brentwood sport is incredibly successful and nationally renowned in a number of areas. Winning is a habit at our School. Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle and many of our students enjoy the social, non-competitive aspects of the many sports on offer here: they do them because they are, quite simply, fun. We think that is as good a reason as any to enjoy sport.

At the elite end of the spectrum, we have a proven track record of producing top-class performers who excel and inspire. We field in excess of 100 teams who compete at inter-school, county and national level; around 400 pupils represent the School each Saturday.

The opportunity to enjoy B and C team sport is widely available, as is the vast array of non-competitive options. As our pupils progress through the school, they can participate in over 30 sports. From fencing to shooting, from aerobics to golf - it would be a challenge not to find an activity you enjoy!