Play Highlights Road Safety Message

All First Year pupils watched a road safety play on Thursday 4th October. This is part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s (SERP) road safety programme and is delivered to highlight key road safety messages at a time when pupils will be making independent journeys.

Pupils learnt about the importance of being safe and not being distracted around the roads when moving to and from school. The play was delivered by ‘The Riot Act’ and the play consisted of three actors assuming the roles of three teenagers who are dealing with their own issues and not paying full attention the roads they are near. The actors’ performances were fantastic and was delivered with music, video imagery and references that the pupils could really relate too…namely ‘Pokemon Go’.

After the play, the actors broke character and conducted an interactive workshop to analyse the story and their characters and to go over some of the sad and hard hitting facts about the tragedies that occur on the roads in the UK particularly with the pupils’ age group. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the play and certainly left the hall with a fresh perspective on the dangers of being around the roads.