Prep Pupil Finance Savvy

Brentwood Preparatory School pupil Tami Oyelakin will soon be giving financial journalist Martin Lewis a run for his money with her first TV appearance as a bMoneywize ambassador.

Eleven-year-old Tami was a guest on the ITV Lunchtime News programme discussing children’s perceptions of money and saving. It followed a survey which showed a ‘cashless society’ was damaging to how children think about spending, making them less likely to understand the value of money.

Tami was joined by Dr Arinola Araba, founder of bMoneywize and creator of the bMoneywize board game, to talk about her experiences with money and the financial awareness workshop she attended. 

"I use my mum's card, I know the PIN, I think you just use it and don't think it comes from anywhere," Tami explained. "But I found out later on that it comes from somewhere, and it's the money that your parents have earned."

Dr Araba aims to teach children that goods are obtained through an exchange, and that money is not endless. “Sometimes, when you ask children: 'Where do you get money from?' they say: 'We just got to the bank and put the card in'”.

Tami’s road to financial astuteness started when bMoneywize was invited to run a financial education workshop early last year at the Dagenham-based City Chapel for the church’s parents and children.

Prep Headmaster Jason Whiskerd said: “We are so pleased that Tami has been given the opportunity to talk about this important issue for this generation of children. At Brentwood Prep we believe that we have a duty to educate our pupils about financial literacy and our boys and girls are taught this through our wide-ranging Life Skills programme.”

A clip of Tami’s ITV interview can be found at here.