Prep School Term Theme


At the heart of the teaching of Jesus we find the parables. Parables are memorable stories that Jesus used to help invite those listening to think more deeply about their lives and how they might live in relation to one another.
Stories shape us and parables are powerful and memorable stories that invite us to be part of it. They welcome us to enter the story and be challenged by it.
This term, we shall be looking at a selection of well-known parables that Jesus used and allow ourselves to be freshly challenged by them. What do they say to us today? How might we live in response to them? Memorable clips from popular Pixar films will help us see that the parables raise important questions for us to ask in every generation. 

The Good Samaritan - ‘kindness to all' Luke 10. 30-37
Wise and foolish builders - ‘faith in action' Matthew 7. 24-27
Rich Fool - ‘we not me’ Luke 12. 16-21
Lost coin - ‘unique worth’ Luke 15. 8-10
Great Banquet - ‘a place for all’ Luke 14. 16-24
Lost Son - ‘radical forgiveness’ Luke 15. 11-32
Mustard Seed - ‘small beginnings’ Mark 4. 30-32
Talents - ‘our gifts’ Luke 19. 12-27
Workers in vineyard - ‘acts of generosity’ Matthew 20. 1-16


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash