Product Design

More than a product of its parts

A product designer can analyse everyday problems and develop concepts to overcome them. Our Product Design pupils develop their skills as problem solvers by creating new and exciting products to meet the needs of specific groups of people.

Brentwood School offers both Product Design and Resistant Materials at GCSE Level.

A solution evolves through creative thinking. Apply systems you’ve come across in an entirely different context. Use materials in an unexpected way. Turn the world on its head. Why did no one think of that before? Because they’re not a product designer!

Then the real fun begins...

The machines hum and the workshop comes alive; your skill and craftsmanship takes a block of material - and from it emerges a useful product. It’s not bad looking too: Raymond Loewy’s streamlining phase? Or is it more Philippe Starck?

Now it’s time for some technology. The lasers will cut this part far more accurately than you can by hand. No luddites here, thank you. If at first you don’t succeed, re-draw the CNC file and set the machine running again.

Your client loves it, except for that part there. A sketch, a model and a new CAD drawing: you're ready for mark two. 

Observe your creation in action. Review its effectiveness. Yes, it works perfectly...or does it?

What effect will it have on the environment? What will happen to it when its owner no longer wants it? Have you made it as carbon neutral as it could be?

Problem solved. You're a product designer.