Referral System

At Brentwood School we pride ourselves on an excellent inter-department community in which communication is essential. Our open-door policy with staff as well as students allow for us to continuously update our register information and ensure that relevant parties are thoroughly informed on how to best support our pupils at all times.

When a staff member wishes to refer a student as difficulties have been flagged, they are able to contact our department directly via e-mail, phone or in person. This is a regular occurrence and we are able to say that the majority of our referrals are made as pupils enter 1st year allowing for early diagnosis and provision.

The Learning Support department has a regular slot in our staff communications meeting on a Thursday and are able to keep all staff informed about key and priority pupils for the week, updating them on any general updates.

The Edukey Provision Mapping platform allows us to regularly update any provision and circumstances for each pupil using a person-centred approach and these are then assimilated to staff accordingly to ensure our students are supported.

We also have an Urgent Referral process in which all Heads of Year/Form Tutors/Parents and any necessary external agencies are informed within the school day and we have an essentially close relationship with all Safeguarding representatives within the school.

As part of this, weekly meetings allow for pupils to be part of active discussion on a constant basis and at the heart of any decision making helping us move forward with their best interests, their safety and well-being in mind