Religion & Philosophy Department

Religion & Philosophy

Mr Mark Willingham, BA, MA
Head of Religion & Philosophy

Mr Willingham joined Brentwood in 2017 as Head of Department, having previously taught at two London independent schools. After studying at Cambridge, he worked as a lawyer in the City before deciding to become a teacher. He teaches A Level Ethics, Political Philosophy on the IB, GCSE, as well as Religion and Philosophical enquiry to lower school classes.

Mr Jonathan Barfield Moore, MA
Deputy Head (Academic)

Teacher of Religion & Philosophy

Mr Barfield joined the school in 2014 as Director of the IB Diploma Programme. He read Philosophy at Churchill College, Cambridge and is currently most interested in Political Philosophy, Nietzsche and existentialism. He teaches IB Philosophy and IB Theory of Knowledge, as well as Religion. He sits on the Senior Leadership Team and has responsibility for Sixth Form Admissions.

Mr Bruce Clements, BA, MPhil, DipRSA
Teacher of EAL
Teach of Religion & Philosophy

Mr Clements has been teaching at Brentwood since 2007 and was the Head of Religious Studies from September 2007 to December 2016; before transferring to the EAL department. After graduating from Belfast and Cambridge, Mr Clements taught in Budapest for three years where he attained the RSA Diploma in English Language Teaching (DELTA) before returning to the UK. He has taught IB Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy and World Religions as well as GCSE and A level RS and also has significant experience in KS3 English. In 2015, his department won a coveted ‘Good Schools Guide’ award. He is also a member of the Combined Cadet Force (Royal Navy) and has previously held commissions in both the CCF Army and Royal Navy.

Miss Rachel Bishop, BA
Teacher of 
Religion & Philosophy
Deputy Head of Fourth Year

Miss Bishop has been teaching at Brentwood School since 2006 after graduating from the University of Exeter with a degree in Theology. She teaches Religious Education and A Level Philosophy of Religion. She is Deputy Head of the First Year and an Assistant Housemistress to West House and is part of the CSU team in which she supervises the Sign Language course. Miss Bishop has a keen interest in Islamic studies.

Mr Robert Jenkins, BA
Head of CSU
Teacher of 
Religion & Philosophy

Mr Jenkins has been teaching at Brentwood School since 2007. He teaches AS Religious Ethics, GCSE and Religious Studies. Mr Jenkins is also Head of CSU and Assistant Housemaster for Hough Boarding House.

Mr Mark Monro, BA, AKC
Teacher of 
Religion & Philosophy
Mill Hill Housemaster

Mr Monro studied at, and is an Associate of King’s College London. He has been teaching at Brentwood School since 2006. He teaches A Level Ethics, IB Philosophy, IB Theory of Knowledge, Religious Education and Critical Thinking to Second Years. He is Housemaster for Mill Hill House and an active member of the CSU. He has a particular interest in the theories of human nature and the ways in which religious beliefs affect ethical behaviour.

Mrs Hattie Barfield Moore, BA, AKC
Teacher of 
Religion & Philosophy
Head of Teaching & Learning

Mrs Barfield Moore joined the School in 2017 as Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, having previously been Head of RS at a school in Croydon. She studied Religion in the Contemporary World at King's College London and continues to be interested in Islam, ethics and philosophy. In addition to teaching Religious Studies, she coordinates the EPQ in Sixth Form and the Human Universe HPQ qualification in Fifth Year.