Research and Development

Here we aim to provide all our staff with an individualised Professional Development (PD) experience, tailored to their specific needs and interests. Our goal is to provide an extensive programme which challenges and educates our staff. We wish to promote our teachers as learners as through this we instil an ethos of ‘lifelong learning’ which ultimately filters down to and sets a good president for our students. 

The themes for our Research and Development Programme are directly influenced by whole school priorities and staff input. The programme allows our staff to carry out an in depth exploration into one element of pedagogy for the duration of an academic year. 

A quote from Goldacre in the 2013 White Paper aptly summarises the aims of this Research and Development (R&D) programme:

There is a huge prize waiting to be claimed by teachers. By collecting better evidence about what works best and establishing a culture where this evidence is used as a matter of routine, we can improve outcomes for children, and increase professional independence.

Through this R&D programme we aim to promote evidence based teaching practice. We do this through the R&D sessions which run each half term. These sessions provide staff with the opportunity to engage with current research on a topic of their choosing and if they wish to, carry out action research projects of their own. The findings of these projects are then used to inform school policy on and individual, departmental and even whole school level. 

There are a number of strands of enquiry which the R&D programme is following on topics such as Growth Mindset, Effective Data Tracking, Marking and Feedback, Handwriting, Gender in Education and Metacognition to list just a few.