Rough Science

The 2016 International Baccalaureate Diploma Group 4 Project has always challenged students to develop their creative sides. This year has been no exception, with a number of scientific, organisational and decision-based challenges being set by Prof Hubbard.

Under the title of “Rough Science”, students have been asked to consider how we can do science without the myriad of instruments that normally inhabit our School’s science laboratories.
Relying on their understanding of the Science subjects, teams of five pupils worked solidly for two days to build instruments and equipment to help them overcome the challenges set for them. This included building and calibrating a device to measure angles, and the construction of a timer to measure 5-minute intervals. This equipment was used in each challenge area to measure the height of the new Bean Academic Centre, or the angle of ramps within a laboratory.
As well as Science, students were required to engage in creative aspects, including building a 3D model of the School and a group flag which are proudly displayed in the Science Study Centre.  Prof Hubbard described “Rough Science” as “a tough but highly valuable two days of personal development for Group 4 IB Diploma students.”